What is Stratis blockchain? | STRAT

What is Stratis blockchain? | STRAT

The concept behind Stratis is similar to Ethereum but instead, it was established to have a number of features to cover every possible need of its community. The difference between Stratis and Ethereum being the fact that Ethereum focuses more on smart contract. Stratis is a Blockchain as a Service. The BaaS concept allows developers to use the platform to setup a blockchain on their own without having to design a new blockchain from scratch. This allows any company to utilize the already built in blockchain and still operate the blockchain as a branch of another blockchain, in a process generally referred to as sidechain.

The compatibility of Stratis with Bitcoin allows Bitcoin-based services to incorporate into the Stratis platform for additional functionality and convenience. This is the reason why Stratis is well positioned for an entry into the BaaS sector. The Stratis incorporates the latest in advanced security and stability of Bitcoin. The advances on this particular blockchain are evident on the network speed, scalability and customization of the technology. Stratis have an enterprise-grade development platform for simplicity and affordability. Known as nStratis, the platform is designed to suite end-to-end solution providers for C# and.Net blockchain applications. The cloud provision approach taken by Stratis simplifies the process of creating a blockchain to creating an account and setting your preferred parameters.

To make a blockchain on this platform, you will require the Stratic Development Framework, a full C# rewrite of Bitcoin’s protocol, and the consensus algorithm tools. The blockchain is hosted on the Cloud Stratis environment. This environment allows businesses and other organizations to test and deploy their blockchain based application. The implementation of the blockchain is designed to adapt to the needs and accessed via APIs.

Strat is the fuel that powers the Stratis platform being their own cryptocurrency used for securing the blockchain. Strat prices are influenced by speculation on the ICO market. Stratis has recently made developments such as producing the Stratis Bitcoin full node, creating the Stratis/Bitcoin anon wallet through a partnership with the Tumblebit team, and forming other partnerships with other venture capital companies. These are all clear indications that the Stratis administration is capable of forming high-level alliances with other business and producing a working blockchain.

Strat is a Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrency that has limited emissions and low inflation rates. The value of Stratis has seen a 500% increase Strat token prices since the ICO. The future seems to favour Stratis since its prices are cheaper than BTC or ETH whose increase is relatively comparable. Stratis has an advantage against other cryptocurrencies by also providing hosting and consultancy services for decentralized applications (Dapps). Therefore, before deploying nodes and organizing hosting, Stratis works with businesses to determine their needs. This facilitates the complete off-the-peg approach that is taken on smart contracts.


What is Stratis blockchain? Pros and cons:


  • Bitcoin compatible.
  • Supports the creation of distinct, private blockchains.
  • Launching a blockchain on the stratis platform avoid inherent costs and maintaining infrastructure.
  • Education and promotional services.
  • The Stratis website gives no substantial insights on the activity of Stratis.