What is Basic Attention Token blockchain? | BAT

What is Basic Attention Token blockchain? | BAT

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a token exchange platform that offers secure, anonymity features, and opt-in advertising systems, for both browser and smartphone app web view. The BAT system is designed to give the users strong privacy and security, improved relevance and performance enhancements, and a share of tokens. On the other hand, publishers are offered adequate revenue, improved reporting and security from fraudulent schemes, and affordable customer awareness, security from fraud, and better attribution to its advertisers. BAT was designed to create a more transparent and efficient marketplace for attention.

BAT will employ the ad-tech metrics which has been under evolution for the past two decades. This advertising technology is created to get marketers closer to potential clients, through the process of data analysis, immediate valuation and distribution. The data analysis is used to accurately identify audiences, immediate evaluation is done to determine the value of each audience, and finally, the delivery of the right message determined by the data analysis.

BAT provides both a platform and a unit for exchange to improve the efficiency of digital advertising. The plan is to roll out this new technology in two phases. The first phase involves the launch of a privacy-focused browser, which will be designed with necessary parameters to block invasive advertisements and trackers while maintaining fast browsing from an open source platform. The browser will be known as Brave. The next phase is where Basic Attention Token comes into play. BAT will be introduced as a token based reward system for the decentralized ad exchange. The BAT technology incorporates the blockchain technology of Ethereum, an open source blockchain distributed computing platform with smart contracts.

The ability to monitor user engagement at the browser level is set to create an opportunity for the development of a rich metrics for user attention. The attention value is calculated prior to any direct ad engagement, using the incremental duration and pixel in view in proportion to the relevant content. This model is expected to achieve a greater level of content to the relevant ad than other third party tracking services and middlemen with cookies would.

The first of micro payments furnished by Basic Attention Token will be done for first stage deployment with the Brave micro payment ledger. Therefore, in its early stages, BAT is expected to be tied solely to the Brave browser and its servers along with verified publishers. By publicizing source codes and implementing the cryptographically secure transaction, BAT hopes to reduce the number of fraudulent cases that may come in the future.

Rather than becoming passive participants, BAT users will play an important role in the advertising and publishing economy. Tokens are donated to content providers and publishers and maintain a number of uses. One such use is very specific target advertising. BAT can be used within the Brave ecosystem to purchase digital goods such as high-quality content, data services, digital content subscription, and/or publisher applications.


What is Basic Attention Token blockchain? Pros and cons:


  • Free software and open source infrastructure.
  • Perfect user privacy.
  • The Brave browser will be monitoring its users for data collection which invades privacy.