What is Lisk blockchain? | LSK

What is Lisk blockchain? | LSK

Lisk is the next generation blockchain based platform utilizing a standard Peer-to-Peer network. It enables the development and distribution of decentralized applications based on Javascript. Lisk is made up of a fully featured ecosystem that implements various tasks using easy to use parameters within one industry solution. Lisk provides a platform where developers can build, publish, distribute, and monetize their applications. These are done under a cryptocurrency powered system utilizing custom blockchains, cloud storage, smart contracts, and computing nodes.

The Lisk program is written in both HTML5 and CSS3, and Nodes.js in the front and back respectively. It is designed to support fast procession of all the platform’s functions including network transactions while working asynchronously. The Lisk database incorporates SQLite for running complex queries and implementation into the platform. It is the first decentralized application written entirely in Nodes.js.

The aim of this is to open up Lisk to a majority of developers with minimal skills into the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The goal of Lisk is to develop a plug and play system that creates an environment for developers to do everything from design to monetization under one system. Developers only require being familiar with both JavaScript and Nodes.js to begin building applications.

Lisk is primarily a one stop shop for affordable, cutting edge and forward thinking application development solutions. By using the facilities available within this ecosystem, developers will be able to deploy their JavaScript apps to Lisk Hosting and Storage Nodes. They will then gain a listing into the Lisk Decentralized Application Store and access to Lisk Compute Nodes for code execution. Lisk is backed by integrity and security of a consensus functionality. All these functions are run by the users and Lisk appropriately compensates them using a built in invoice system and paid in cryptocurrency units. LISK is Lisk’s own cryptocurrency. Both LISk and Bitcoin can be used in the Lisk ecosystem.

Lisk has three client solutions namely; Lisk, Lisk Lite, and Lisk Mobile. Lisk is the available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux and is best for super users, delegates and developers. Lisk Lite is a lightweight Lisk client for regular users who want to access their accounts regularly. For the users who wish to access their accounts on the go, Lisk mobile would be the ideal choice. Lisk Lite is available on both Mac OS and Windows while Lisk Mobile is available for both IOS and Android.

Lisk Lite utilizes modern technology which does not require an installation process. Since it’s not an act of network nodes, it uses an HTTP connection to connect the user with other online peers. Lisk has put in measures to ensure that the application remains small in size since the user is not required to download the blockchain. Lisk is based on Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS). Selected trusted accounts are elected to become active Delegates. The 101 delegate’s accounts which gain the most votes create the blocks.


What is Lisk blockchain? Pros and cons:


  • DPoS and Sidechain are better than other chains.
  • Ethereum implements smart contracts too but supports a ton of languages than Lisk does.