What is Wings blockchain? | WINGS

What is Wings blockchain? | WINGS

WINGS is a decentralized team of blockchain professional, both individuals and organizations, whose aim is to promote the DAO’s projects to the mainstream by making them easily accessible to entrepreneurs and companies. The WINGS DAO community discusses reviews and forecasts each proposal to determine its success rate. This helps to eliminate unworthy projects by placing the focus of potential backers to projects with the highest probability of success. Worthy proposals are highlighted for successful backing and receive promotional assistance from the vast variety of professional within the online community. Proposal submitters and community members both earn rewards whenever there are a creation and forecasting of a new project.

WINGS is the first social platform backed by professionals dedicated to project governance and backing. Forecasting utilizes modern technologies such as swarm intelligence, smart contract generators, DAO contract accessibility, DAO engagement solutions, flexible governance, efficient participation models, deep learning, and machine generated prediction models. The primary interaction medium is chatbots integrated within popular instant messengers. WINGS notifies its community whenever a new proposal has been submitted, get further information on proposals, forecast proposal success rate, participate in new update discussions, and enable users to easily submit new proposals.

Once a user has submitted a proposal, it is evaluated and forecasted on the WINGS token holders. Once a proposal is at this stage, the community proposes improvements and changes through amendments. Each amendment is voted and ranked by the community to filter amendments according to relevance to the success of the proposal. Amendments with the highest number of votes and end up being incorporated into the proposal are compensated by the WINGS platform reward scheme. Once the forecasting period is exhausted, the proposal automatically becomes a full WINGS DAO project and is subsequently activated on the WINGS platform.

The activation process of a WINGS DAO project involves the generation of a unique set of DAO smart contract and the assignment of digital tokens on the new DAO. A countdown for backing the project begins and at the end, the project will then become a fully functioning DAO on the WINGS platform. When a project is fully functional, it is enabled to collect funds directly into individual smart contracts. Now that the project backing period has ended, the DAO project operates under the governance model and regulations defined in the smart contract.

The WINGS platform token has a number of roles. The platform’s smart contracts fuels and compensates the miners with tokens for processing transactions. The tokens can also be used as an anti-spam fee for transactions as well as being a unit of measure aimed at preventing Sybil attacks through rewarding token owners according to the tokens in their possessions. WINGS provides an efficient governing model by employing decision markets which will enable token owners to make informed decisions in a decentralized community.


What is WINGS blockchain? Pros and cons:


  • Proposals are scrutinized by professionals and thereby receiving the amendment to ascertain the success of a project.
  • The fully functioning DAOs are governed accordingly by set rules in its smart contract by a great pool of professionals
  • The platform is designed for professionals and leaves out non-professional participation.